When it comes to bbqs Hill Viewers are the best and today’s bbq didn’t disappoint with forty four members and three visitors attending. The weather was very kind to us with no sign of the predicted rain. No time was wasted firing up the bbqs and before long members gathered around the bbq with tongs in one hand and a glass in the other hand. There was much chatter as members wandered around catching up with each other and sharing delicious nibbles.
As we finished our bbq lunch, President Kurt thanked members and visitors for attending our end of calendar year bbq. Kurt reported the six months program had been very successful with good weather overall. Unfortunately the walking year ended on a slightly sour note with the sudden hospitalisation of Cherry who had become very ill. Kurt was very pleased to be able to report Cherry’s condition has improved to which there was a loud applause. All Hill Viewers send their very best wishes to Cherry, Peter and family.  The February to July 2018 walks program will see the introduction of the EZY walks. The leaders/co-leaders spots for the EZY walks were very quickly filled but there are still ten leaders/co-leaders required for the regular and plus walks. With the holiday break approaching, Kurt suggested those members who will be away may wish to send a postcard to Helen A for the website. Mary G advised seven members are attending their first aid course on Sunday. Best wishes to those members. In closing, Kurt conveyed his best wishes for the festive season and is looking forward to seeing everyone in February.  The party continued with more chatter and delicious desserts . Some headed home while others enjoyed coffee at the Bobbin Inn Café. Another great day out with HVB!

2017 11 17 BBQ HelenA 10 43am President Kurt is ready to play host                                                                                                                      President Kurt is ready to play host
2017 11 17 BBQ Deidre JohnMbike2017 11 17 BBQ DonWo Barrie Kurt Ros

                           President Kurt and Barrie listening intently to Ros 

2017 11 17 BBQ DonWo Jean Rhondda Bert David Vreni
                                    Bert looking serious as he cooked while others chatted around him..............and a very fresh looking John M after his ride down to Bobbin Head

2017 11 17 BBQ DonWo Norma Ray Pauline2017 11 17 BBQ DonWo John Drina

     John G and Drina enjoying a chat and it's thumbs up for Ray......wonderful to see you,                                                                Norma and Pauline     
2017 11 17 BBQ DonWo Twins                                                                                   Question:  What do Claude, Barbara and Clive have in common?  (see answer below)

2017 11 17 BBQ Deidre JillRhonddacomparingsausages2017 11 17 BBQ DonWo Dot Robyn Margaret
                             Sisters Dot and Marg B with Robyn Mi...............sausages seemed to be very popular........Jill and Rhondda gracefully place their sausages on the bbq                                                                                                                                                                  while Marg B is carefully turning her sausages........

2017 11 17 BBQ DonWo group 2
2017 11 17 BBQ DonWo Elaine Jean Rhondda Kevin2017 11 17 BBQ DonWo Christine Michael

 Elaine, Jean M, Rhondda and a very relaxed Kevin enjoying a glass of white wine        Chris Mc A with Michael who looks as though he could with another pair of hands!
2017 11 17 BBQ Barbara Kurtaddressingthewalkers P1232268 950 2                                                                                                                     President Kurt addressing the members

2017 11 17 BBQ Barbara memberspayingattentiontoKurt P1232268 947 2                                                                                         ...........and members giving President Kurt their undivided attention

2017 11 17 BBQ HelenA 13 44pm Three tables of HVBers ready for coffee117 134453
                                                                                           Three tables of Hill Viewers ready for coffee at the Bobbin Inn Cafe

2017 11 17 BBQ Barbara anuninvitedguestP1232268 956 2                                                                                                                               A cafe visitor

2017 11 17 BBQ Deidre JohnMpoweringupthehill
                                                                              .......and the winner is John M powering around the last bend with the toll booth in sight

For the record attendees were Helen A, Clive, Margaret B, Barrie, Sue B,  Wendy C, Maurice and Susan, Rhondda, Elaine E, David and Annette, Michael, Anne G, John and Ros, Ray and Norma, Mary G, Martin,  Aileen, Dot, Chris McA, Jean M, Dawn, Robyn Ma, John M, Robyn Mi, Bert, Claude and Margaret, Barbara, Anne R, Kurt, Vreni, Faye, Pam, Deidre, Rosemary and Kevin, Jill, Drina, Margret, Don Wo and 3 visitors.

Words by Deidre

Photos by Helen A (1, 15)   Don Wo (2, 4-8, 10-12)  Barbara (13, 14, 16)  Deidre (3, 9, 17)

Answer:  each has an identical twin.    FYI......Dr Google says that the chances of having identical twins is 3.5 per one thousand so at HVB we are roughly ten times the average.