Jul - Dec 2018

A total of 23 walkers took the challenge to walk from Westmead station to Meadowbank station.
The day started foggy and cool, but once the sun broke through, after morning tea, it became very warm and humid.
The first part of the walk, across Parramatta Park and along the river bank provided great opportunities to see some of the older buildings still standing and to learn some of the early history of Parramatta. The excellent work done by Parramatta Council to beautify the river bank was also able to be appreciated.
Morning tea was at the old Female Orphanage at Rydalmere, now the Parramatta campus of UWS. Just after this, a Fairy Wren observed the first walkers for a few seconds before darting off again.
The walk continued on a new walkway around the river side of the Rydalmere industrial area - a much nicer proposition than having to walk along busy streets.
A short drinks break at Royal Shores, previously the naval stores depot at Ermington, provided the chance to learn the history of the famous submarine AE2.
After a couple of wet areas on the path and a walk through the mangroves, lunch was taken in a shady play area in Melrose Park.
Immediately following that, John M, who had had to attend a commitment earlier in the day, joined us to provide inspiration for the short but energetic walk up to Meadowbank and the welcome coffee house.
Thanks to Don B for acting as Trailer and to Maurice, who had kindly volunteered to help co-lead, if the group had had to be split.

 2018 10 19 All ChrisMcA 091832                                                                                                                     Our Leader Briefs Us

 2018 10 19 All Don Wo GOod site for e powerhouse museum2018 10 19 All Don Wo Is that a white elephant

                                      Good Site For A Power House Museum                                                 Is That A White Elephant ?

 2018 10 19 All Pete P10605562018 10 19 All Don Wo Lennox bridge
                                       Gasworks Bridge                                                                                           Lennox Bridge

 2018 10 19 All Chris McA 1004312018 10 19 All Chris McA 101239
                                                                                     Morning Tea At The Female Orphan School

 2018 10 19 All Pete P10605442018 10 19 All Don Wo DJ replacement head in the clouds2018 10 19 All Don Wo ex parramatta hospital                                                                                                                                 DJ Replacement Head In The Clouds                                        Ex Parramatta Hospital

 2018 10 19 All Pete P10605422018 10 19 All Lyndy Boer War Memorial2018 10 19 All Pete P1060574
                                                                                                             Boer War Memorial

 2018 10 19 All Chris McA 1110422018 10 19 All Pete P1060568 Copy2018 10 19 All Chris McA 113808
                                                                                                   By The Parramatta River

2018 10 19 All Chris McA 123411                                                                                                    Lunchtime – Don Shows His Son’s Wedding Photos!

 2018 10 19 All Don Wo Reflections on Parramatta River Olympic Park wharf2018 10 19 All Don Wo Reflections on Parrfamatta River Wentworth Pt
 Reflections on Parramatta River:       From Olympic Park Wharf                                                    From Wentworth Point

2018 10 19 All Pete P10605762018 10 19 All PeteP10605822018 10 19 All Lyndy Sue CoLeader with Slow Down on her hat
                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                Sue With Slow Down On Her Hat

2018 10 19 All Chris McA 133403                                                                                                               Coffee at café at Meadowbank station

Leaders:       Michael and Sue
Walkers:      Helen, Maurice, Bert, John M, Bella and Pete, Aileen, Lyndy, Anne G, Anne R, Margaret, Don B, Don Wo, Ruth, Lyn, Mary, Christine, Rhondda, Guenher, Sue B and visitor Dennis                               
Photos By:   Christine McA (1,6,7,14,16,17,23), Don Wo (2,3,5,9,10,18,19), Lyndy (12,22), Pete (4,8,11,13,15,20,21)
Words By:    Michael  










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