Jul-Dec 2020

On a cool, sunny spring morning, thirty walkers assembled by the side of the lagoon at Wimbledon Avenue.  Split into two groups, briefings completed, Group 1 set off first to walk round the lagoon in an anti-clockwise direction.  Although the track on the northern side is quite close to the road, the shelter of the trees and the water vista, made for pleasant walking. The first stop was at Middle Creek Reserve for Morning Tea.  Timing was excellent, as the arrival of Group 2 coincided well with the departure of Group 1 and the arrival of Claude on his smart looking kayak-looking for morning tea we assumed.

 Progressing over the well-engineered bridges on the western side of the lagoon, we soon reached the War Vets retirement village and a short time later arrived at Jamieson Park. Some of the walkers enjoyed watching the racing of some remotely controlled yachts before we moved on to Wheeler Park for lunch with the ducks.  Much care had to be exercised, as the ducks were very keen and persistent in their desire to share lunch with the walkers, a sentiment definitely not reciprocated. At the conclusion of lunch it was just a short walk to the coffee shops with some venturing across Pittwater Road for a take-away coffee which they brought back to enjoy by the side of the lagoon before walking across the bridge back to Wimbledon Avenue.

This report would not however be complete without mentioning an incident with Group 2.  Overheard by a walker in Group 2 an answer by a Dad cycling with his children who were also cycling……..”I think they must be from a nursing home…..”.  What was the question???  There was great hilarity by all walkers in Group 2. 

2020 10 09 EZY Regular Don Wo Briefing by the lake2020 10 09 EZY Reg Pauline IMG 6232 Large                                                 

           The end of Wimbledon Avenue by the lagoon, the leaders of Groups 1(left) and 2 brief the walkers
2020 10 09 EZY Reg Pete P1050028 Small










                                           Filtered views by the side of the logoon 
2020 10 09 EZY Reg Christine M 095944 2 Small2020 10 09 EZYReg Deidre ascatteredmorningteaatMiddleCreek ReserveforGroup2 100928 2                                                  Morning tea at Middle Creek Reserve, Group 1 and a more scattered Group 2(right) 
2020 10 09 EZYReg Deidre kayakerClaudecallingintoMiddleCreekReserveformorningtea 095738 2
                                                             Claude drops in for Morning Tea                                                                                                                                                                               

2020 10 09 EZY Reg Pauline IMG 62542020 10 09 EZY Reg Pete P1050052 Small2020 10 09 EZY Reg Christine M 102527 2 Medium                                                                                  Elaine and Diana stride out   A sign of past activities at the lagoon   A tree fern shaded walk

2020 10 09 EZY Reg Pete P1050048 Small2020 10 09 EZY Regular Don Wo a straggle of lakeshore walkers                                                                                 An organised group of walkers                             A straggle of lagoonside walkers
2020 10 09 EZY Reg Christine M 104209 2 Small2020 10 09 EZY Reg Christine M 102350 2 Small
2020 10 09 EZY Regular Don Wo close racing
           Is the leader lost or just looking.                   Which way do we look?(Top RHS)   Close racing (bottom RHS)
   2020 10 09 EZY Reg Pete P1050037 Medium                                                   View across the lagoon  

2020 10 09 EZYReg Deidre ascatteredlunchforGroup2 114845 22020 10 09 EZYRegular Deidre theyrenotgettingmylunch 114824 2                                                                                                         A scattered lunch for Group 2                                      They're certainly not getting my lunch
2020 10 09 EZY Reg Christine M 112058 2 Small2020 10 09 EZY Regular Don Wo a small family
Just keep your distance says Kas                A small family

In group1,Bert led fourteen walkers:Diana,Kas, Elaine Don Wo, Kurt, Bill M, Martin, Elizabeth P, Wendy P, Chrstine M, Pragati, Anne R and two visitors. First Aider Anne R, Tail End Pragati and Kas
In group 2 Deidre led fourteen walker:Barrie, Sue B, Annette Ell, Rosie, Aileen, Sue K, Helen L, Lyndy, Jan, Margaret P, Pete and Bella, Dennis and Pauline. Thank you to Sue B for assisting Deidre, First Aider:  Lyndy and Tail End Charlies:  Barrie and Lyndy.

Photos: Don Wo (1,11,14,19),Pauline (2,8), Pete(3,9,10,15), Christine M(4,7,12,13,18), Deidre(5,6,16,17)

Words: Bert


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