Jul-Dec 2020

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On a perfect spring morning, 11 Plus walkers gathered at St Ives for the return walk to Davidson Park via the Bungaroo, Governor Phillip and Lyrebird tracks. Recent back burning in the St Ives area necessitated some last minute precautionary calls to the National Parks and RFS but all was clear. A steady downhill track took us to the Stepping Stones, which were crossed without incident, and the remainder of the walk took us along Middle Harbour Creek all the way to Davidson Park under the Roseville Bridge. The walk afforded many beautiful views of the creek and its surrounds and one high vantage point proved an excellent morning tea spot.

We made speedy progress to the Park and settled for an early lunch at the picnic tables. We were joined, rather excitingly, by a couple (Tim and Crystal, for the record) getting married by a celebrant only a few metres from us. After their ceremony, we were chatting and ended up joining them and their dog Penny for photos! That will no doubt be a talking point in years to come when they pull out the album - who were those people?  

The return leg was without incident, but just as enjoyable. A wonderful walk. Thanks to co-leader Mary, short-notice stand-in. 

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'Stepping stones' a feature of the walk. Those walkers who needed to, remembered the laws governing the centre of gravity and consequently all 'crossed without incident'.

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Fauna with wings: Australian King Parrot, Little Pied Cormorant, Little Black Cormorant

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Ground based fauna: A baby echidna (spotted on the reccee), Eastern Water Dragon #1, Eastern Water Dragon #2.

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'The walk afforded many beautiful views of the creek[s]'.

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In Davidson Park, Crystal and Tim were getting married.
This wonderful couple shared their happiness on this day, and the walkers couldn't have been more delighted, and honoured, to wish them well. And Penny the dog.

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Back to normality land, Mary, Hazel and Nick S posed.

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Reflections: It is the case, isn't it, that we have never seen clearer reflections on our walks? (Ed.)

Walkers: Steve and Mary led Helen A, Barbara R, Barbara C, Celia, Nick S, Peter, Jenny C, Anne G, Hazel.

Thanks to 1st aiders Mary and Peter and to Peter doubling up as tail-end Charlie.

Words: Steve
Photos: Hazel 1,5,6,7,10,12,19; Peter 2,3,11,16,17,18,20; Barbara R 4,13,14,15; Steve 8; Nick 9.
Fauna id: All from Hazel, except for Steve's baby echidna.

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