After a night of heavy rain the sun shone for our walk in Garigal NP. Seven walkers gathered and we began with a car shuffle to Linigen Place in St Ives. We set off on the Kitchener East Fire Trail then the Treeloppers Tip Trail. We stopped for morning tea then continued to follow the Heath Track and other tracks up to Rocky Hill Lookout. There were some views to the city on the way and to St Ives from Rocky Hill.

 2022 09 16 Plus Hazel P12409972022 09 16 Plus Hazel P1250008

                               Setting off on a fire trail                                                                                         Watched by the locals

2022 09 16 Plus Nick S DSC005602022 09 16 Plus Hazel P1250063

                         Wet track from the recent rain                                                                                                               Rocky Hill Lookout

2022 09 16 Plus Nick S DSC005672022 09 16 Plus Nick S DSC005682022 09 16 Plus Nick S DSC00562

                                 Boots off for many creek crossings                                                                                   Rock scramble on the way down

We then went down to Bare Creek Track and Cascades Track to The Cascades where we had lunch watched by a water dragon. After lunch we followed the Cascades Track and then Upper Cambourne Track back to the cars. The tracks were quite wet following the overnight rain and the creeks were running strongly which meant we had several boots off or wet boot crossings. Four of us regathered at Pattison’s at St Ives for coffee.

2022 09 16 Plus Hazel P12500172022 09 16 Plus Hazel P1250030 12022 09 16 Plus Hazel P12500412022 09 16 Plus Hazel P1250053

     White Fingers Orchid -                            Kunzea capitata                                 Banksia ericfolia                                                   Lily - type?
    Petalochilus catenatus

 2022 09 16 Plus Hazel P12500822022 09 16 Plus Hazel P12500912022 09 16 Plus Hazel P1250098

                          Boronia thujona                                                  Dotted Sun Orchid - Thelymitra ixioides                                 Conospermum longifolium

 2022 09 16 Plus Hazel P12501522022 09 16 Plus Nick S DSC005662022 09 16 Plus Hazel P1250135

             Boronia ledifolia - Sydney Boronia - white form                                  Goanana                                                     Water dragon watching our lunch

 2022 09 16 Plus Nick S DSC005752022 09 16 Plus Nick S DSC005762022 09 16 Plus Hazel P1250139

                                                                     Enjoying lunch at The Cascades                                                                                Ready to leave The Cascades

Leaders: Pragarti and Carol

Walkers were: Pragati, Carol, Wendy P, Wendy C, Hazel, Celia, Nick S.

Photos by: Hazel (1, 2, 3, 4, 8, 9, 10, 11, 12, 13, 14, 15, 17, 20); Nick S (3, 5, 6, 7, 16, 18, 19)

Words by: Nick S.