2022 10 28 Plus SueS 085833 resized 1There’s nothing like great weather, terrific company and a new challenge to make a great day’s walking.

Seven keen women walkers set off along Shaws Ridge fire trail, descending to the bluegum forest. We marvelled at the size of the mighty trees, the beauty of the light through the canopy and the sound of birds we could not see.

Turning off to ascend Bees Nest Hill, the chatter slowed as the incline increased until we arrived, red faced and puffing, at the top of the steep section. A few minutes later we arrived at the lookout over the escarpment, the view a worthy reward for our efforts.

After morning tea, all walkers opted to take the climb to the trig point. The steep uneven track was challenging but all walkers succeeded in making it to the top and experiencing a sense of achievement. The view directly down to the Grosse River was dizzying.

We carefully retraced our steps and enjoyed lunch while soaking up the views over the hills and valleys from the lookout. We then retraced our steps to the turn off and completed the Bluegum Swamp circuit, negotiating some substantial puddles which demonstrated why it is named a swamp. Some waratahs were spotted along this section of trail.

Wildlife spotted included a water dragon on Bees Nest Hill, 2 snakes (a slim brown one on the way down from the trig and a thick black one in the swamp) and cockatoos both white and black.

Flower of the week would have to be the flannel flower which was prolific, with the waratah relegated to second place by virtue of being too far from the track to be easily photographed.

Coffee at Winmalee Village was enjoyed by all at the end of what was deemed to be a very satisfactory day.

Shaws Ridge fire trail in the Blue Gum Forest.
2022 10 28 Plus Cleona BlueGumForest WA00022022 10 28 Plus WendyC P10007072022 10 28 Plus SueS 090153 resized 12022 10 28 Plus SueS 093727 resized 1
2022 10 28 Plus WendyC P1000709 cropped2022 10 28 PlusWalk Deidre 100417 creekcrossing  
                 The fire trail, Flannel Flower Actinotus helianthi, Eggs and Bacon Dillwynia retorta, Dampiera  Dampiera stricta
                   Australian Water Dragon Intellagama lesuerii, Creek Crossing

Bees Nest Hill and Morning Tea.
2022 10 28 PlusWalk Deidre 100831 Howluckywerewe2022 10 28 Plus SueS 104754 resized 12022 10 28 PlusWalk Deidre 104841 MorningTeaviewfromGroseHeadSouthLookout
          'How Lucky We Were',                                       The Morning Tea Rock.                                                                 The Morning Tea View.

 'All walkers opted to take the climb to the trig.'
2022 10 28 PlusWalk Deidre 111218 Climbtothetrig2022 10 28 Plus SueS 111534 resized 1

2022 10 28 Plus SueS 115314 resized 12022 10 28 Plus WendyC P1000718
                                         Grose Head South Trig                                                           The Magnificent Seven

2022 10 28 Plus WendyC P1000721
                                                                                'The Grose River dizzingly below us...'

2022 10 28 Plus WendyC P1000726
                                                  ... This is where we climbed to, viewed from our morning tea/lunch spot'           - Wendy C

The Blue Gum Swamp Circuit
2022 10 28 Plus SueS 135528 resized 12022 10 28 Plus WendyC P1000729
                                                                           Walkers managing to keep their feet dry

Random fauna and flora

2022 10 28 Plus SueS 20221028 093826 resized 12022 10 28 Plus WendyC P10007132022 10 28 Plus WendyC P10007142022 10 28 Plus WendyC P10007232022 10 28 Plus SueS 110325 resized 12022 10 28 Plus WendyC P1000734 cropped2022 10 28 Plus WendyC P10007402022 10 28 Plus SueS 131005 resized 12022 10 28 Plus SueS 132327 resized 12022 10 28 Plus SueS 141143 resized 1
Left: A slim brown snake on the hill to the trig;
Right: Row 1: Large Wedge Pea Gompholobium grandiflorumna, Hairy fan flower Scaveola ramosissima, Woody pear Xyomelum pyriforme
Row 2: Grey Spider flower Grevillea buxifolia, Trigger plant Stylidium graminifolium, Isopogon anemonifolius
Row 3: Boronia Boronia pinnata, Silky Purple Flag Patersonia sericea, Aple Berry, Billardiera scandens

Coffee at Winmalee Village
2022 10 28 PlusWalk Deidre 1457470 CoffeeatLaMontagneCafeWinmaleeVillage croppedIn La Montagne Cafe

For the record:
Wendy C and Deidre led Cleona, Pragati, Celia, Sue S and Leah.

During the walk:Sue S 1,4,5,9,12,13,17,18; Cleona 2; Wendy C 3,6,14,15,16;
Deidre 7,8,10,11.
Fauna and flora:Wendy C 19,21,22,24,25; Sue S 20,23,26,27,28
Coffee: Deidre 29.