Eight walkers gathered for our walk through the Chinese Garden of Friendship. The garden opened in 1988 and was a Bicentennial gift from the province of Guangdong to the state of NSW.

22 11 4 EZY Don Wo group                                                                               The walkers assembled excluding photographer Don Wo
When we arrived, a discovery tour of the gardens was about to start, so we joined the tour and learnt a lot about Chinese gardens and the culture associated with them.
2022 11 04 EZY Robyn Mi22 11 4 EZY Don Wo ying and yang
                 Ying and Yang and tour guide explaining Bonsai (above)

First we saw the bonsai. The Chinese bonsai (penjing) aim to create a miniature landscape. We learnt about the different pavilions and the concept of ying and yang.

2022 11 04 EZYWalk Deidre 92yearoldbonsai 103226 2 Medium Medium2022 11 04 EZYWalk Deidre Sign 103457 22022 11 04 EZY Robyn Mi 2
                                                          92 year old Bonsai(left) and Bonsai landscape with man fishing on bridge (right)
The five elements of fire, soil, water, plants and rock are represented in the garden.
The tour ended at the Clear View Pavilion on top of the hill. We then had morning tea. We continued to wander around the garden and had lunch  near the Water Pavilion. We saw many water dragons enjoying the sunshine.

2022 11 04 EZY Lyndy Small2022 11 04 EZYWalk Deidre TheRockForest 114552 Small                                                                                                                HVB Sentinels at the entry                                         The Rock Forest
2022 11 04 EZY Robyn Mi 72022 11 04 EZY Robyn Mi 8                                                                                                                                                   Clear View Pavilion(left) and Waterfall(right)
2022 11 04 EZY Robyn Mi 5
a2022 11 04 EZYWalk Deidre WaterfallView 110339 22022 11 04 EZYWalk Deidre IntricateWoodCarvingofTheGurr also know as The Clear View Pavilion 1119152022 11 04 EZYWalk Deidre 104335 Medium                                                                                   Waterfall View, Intricate wood carving of the Gurr also know as the Clear View Pavilion and Pavilion Lanterns
2022 11 04 EZY Robyn Mi 322 11 4 EZY Don Wo water dragon                                                                                                 Local Water Dragon in situ(above)
           The Dragon Wall Blue dragon represents NSW and the Golden dragon Guandong 

2022 11 04 EZYWalk Deidre 115229 Medium2022 11 04 EZYWalk Deidre ChineseGardens 102950 Small                                                                                                                                                 Peaceful Garden scenes 
After lunch we did a circuit of the lake and then went for coffee at the Vesta Cafe in Darling Harbour.
2022 11 04 EZYWalk Deidre CoffeeVestaDarlingHarbour 125935 Small                                                                                                                Coffee at "Vesta" at Darling Harbour

Walkers: Robyn Mi and Lyndy led Sue B, Annette Elp, Judy, John M, Deidre and Don Wo.

Photos: Lyndy (7),Robyn Mi (3,6,9,10,11,15), Deidre (4,5,8,12,13,14,17,18,19), Don Wo (1,2,16)

Words: Robyn Mi