2023 09 01 EZY Pete DSC02214
Twenty seven high-spirited walkers made their way to the meeting point for the “There-and-Back” walk to the end of Cowan Track at Duffys Forest on a fairly chilly morning.

2023 09 01 EZY Pete DSC02228
Happily, the heavy clouds and minor light rain experienced on the way to Duffys Forest dissipated early to give us a bright sunny walk.

The track conditions from the National Park gate to the Cowan Track turn-off are currently excellent, with a lot of recent re-grading now providing a very smooth, easy to walk trail. The Perimeter Trail part of the walk introduced us to the wildflowers with one section including many Waratahs in beautiful full bloom.

a2023 09 01 EZY Pete DSC02195       2023 09 01 EZY Pete DSC02211          2023 09 01 EZY Pete DSC02190

At the Cowan Track entrance, another Waratah right beside the gate provided a great photo opportunity.

a2009 09 01 EZY Christine McA 001.                   2023 09 01 EZY Robyn Mi IMG 20230901 WA0001              2023 09 01 EZY Pete DSC02196

Thereafter, the track was somewhat rougher, but the wildflower display more than made up for this, becoming more and more dense as we progressed, together with plenty of chirpy bird song.

Morning Tea was taken amid the flowers on an area of exposed rock half-way to the end of the track, after which the couple of rubbly ascents & descents had to be navigated with care.

After reaching the impressive lookout over Cowan Creek towards Apple Tree Bay at the end of the track, our steps were retraced with a longish section back to the lunch spot on the Long Track, again on an exposed rocky area. 

2023 09 01 EZY Pete DSC02213              2023 09 01 EZY Pete DSC02215

a2023 09 01 EZY Pete DSC02218              2023 09 01 EZY Lindy Tail End Nick 20230901 114739

After lunch, it was a reasonably short walk back to the meeting point and, for a majority of the group, onwards to coffee in the park at the Terrey Hills shops.

2023 09 01 EZY Pete DSC02217

The walkers were:  Michael & Sue (Leaders), Ann D, Bella & Peter, Bill, Christine M, Elaine, Elizabeth, Gabriella, Helen L, Howard & Margaret, Jan and Steve, John M, John S, Judy, Keith, Lyndy, Nick B, Rex & Robyn, Sue K, Wendy P, together with first time visitors Eva & Colleen.

Thanks to First Aiders Lyndy & Elizabeth and to Tail End Charlie Nick.   

Photography: Peter: 1 to 5 inclusive and 8 to 11 inclusive, 13 / Christine M: 6 / Robyn Mi: 7 / Lindy: 12.