2023 09 08 Reg Theresa 01231172Our fearless leader team

On a cold and wet day, 17 brave souls arrived at our meeting place under the Roseville bridge. Undeterred we started the walk briefing. Helen assured us it was, according to her App, (which is never wrong), that it would be perfectly clear soon...


Well, we were there, and we were ready; so the decision was taken to start. We headed off with our wet weather gear on, and it did clear a little as we advanced along the Lyrebird Track; rather aptly named because some of our lucky walkers heard one!

2023 06 30 Reg HelenA 0933 Two left after the briefing it is going to be wet5Two left after the briefing - in summary it is going to be wet   2023 09 07 Reg Theresa 232411520 Staying dry as long as possible

Little birds were singing and were possibly Pardalotes judging by their behaviour and appearance. The obligatory Brush Turkeys were happy in the rain and may have wanted to join us because they are rejected by all their other feathered brethren.  The line of walkers moved on and left them digging for worms. We also saw not one, but two wallabies.

2023 09 08 Reg DavidS 000549741Wet...but smiling...   2023 09 08 Reg HelenA 1111 A reminder of 2022 the Wet Year1Evidence of previous wet years

 The rain also decided it was not yet done and came back for another round. Undeterred we moved forward and saw a large group of kayakers paddling up the river. Was Claude amongst them; we looked, but alas he was not to be found. They quickly passed us, and we walked on around large pools of water now covering the track in many parts.

2023 09 08 Reg DavidS 000012556 Kayaks - a better way to travel today?   2023 09 08 Reg Don Wo kayak flotilla...and a moody view of the kayak flotilla 


2023 06 30 Reg HelenA 1034 On the obstacle courseOn the obstacle course   2023 09 08 Reg HelenA 11141onwards and upwards   2023 09 08 Reg DavidS 013922806..still raining, but what view

2023 09 08 Reg Don Wo it was rainingA colourful array of people, and..   2023 09 08 Reg Theresa 013935644 flowers

Hillview Walkers are an intrepid bunch and completely unfazed by these obstacles. Not so the large rock shelf we had to surmount. Wisely two of our group declined the opportunity to fall and break their legs on the steep, slippery surface. Lyn and Helen found a side way up and half the group followed them, whilst the remainder attempted to clamber up the not very easy ‘path’. Meeting up we ventured on and passed a magnificent grass river verge.

2023 09 08 Reg DavidS 004454915Quick morning tea   2023 09 08 Reg DavidS 00474799keeping dry whilst eating   2023 09 08 Reg DavidS 004518138 but, still a bit soggy

2023 09 08 Reg HelenA 1100 A grass seaThe grassy verge   2023 09 08 Reg DavidS 010027269We were reliably informed that the proper name for this plant is "long grass"

We had out morning tea on the fly and then marched onwards to the stepping stones. Beautiful photos will attest to its appeal and it was well worth the effort to get there. At this point, it was decided not to risk injury by crossing the stones, which had water gushing by them and would have presented a problem to all of us.

 2023 09 08 Reg HelenA 1120 The Stepping Stones look trickyStepping Stones look a bit tricky   2023 09 08 Reg DavidS 012213807We made it this far..but no further   2023 09 08 Reg JohnG Epacris Floral arrangement of Epacris

We headed back along the same track, passing the waterfalls and little birds. It was a case of

“Slip slidin’ away

   Slip slidin’ away

You know the nearer our destination

The more we’re slip slidin’ away’

Even one of our leaders slipped (Lyndy) and joined Don, Theresa and Ros in the ‘casualties‘ group. Luckily nothing serious happened, even when Ros was attacked by a large stick.  Arriving back at our starting point, we had our lunch and then headed off to coffee at Cornucopia Cafe Castle Cove.

It was a fun day out and much better than sitting at home.

 2023 09 08 Reg HelenA 1300 Lunch at the dry tableLunch at the dry table   2023 09 08 Reg HelenA 1301 Lunch at the damp tableLunch at the damp table   2023 09 08 Reg HelenA 1343 Excellent coffee venueExcellent venue for coffee 


Leaders: David S (Standing in for Elizabeth who had to travel to Melbourne) many thanks and Lyndy

First Aid: Ros and Lyndy

Tail End:  John G

The Group: Bill M (left before we started to walk), John S (ditto), David & Theresa, Don Wo, Elaine, Helen A, John & Ros G, Kurt, Lyn, Lyndy, Mary, Nick B, Tim.

Words: Lyndy

Photos: David S, Don Wo, Helen A, John G, Theresa