On a beautiful Spring day, twenty walkers assembled at the Lake Park Rd, North Narrabeen, start point for the extended walk around Narrabeen Lagoon.                                                                It was a pleasure to welcome back two members who, for various reasons, had not walked for a while.

2023 09 15 Reg HelenA 0903 Attention away from the Leader

                                                                                 Attention away from the Leader

This almost-all level walk had been substituted at short notice, due to the unfortunate and unavoidable unavailability (!) of both the leaders and the back-up leaders of the programmed walk at Mountain Lagoon.

The route followed the north shore of the “Outer” part of the Lagoon to the Pittwater Rd bridge where it joined the well-used circuit track of the “Inner” Lagoon.

                                          2023 09 15 Reg Pete DSC02284 Copy   2023 09 15 Reg Don Wo end of the racing   

                                                                                                                                                                                 End of racing

                                                      2023 09 15 Reg HelenA 0953 Still waters   2023 09 15 Reg HelenA 0954 Old codgers Maybe not Anne

                                                       Still waters                                                                            Old codgers - Maybe not Anne

Proceeding anti-clockwise alongside Wakehurst Parkway, the enhanced utility of the reasonably new boardwalk was enjoyed before stopping for morning tea at the picnic area at the westernmost end of the Lagoon.

                                            2023 09 15 Reg Pete DSC02288 Copy  2023 09 15 Reg Pete DSC02294 Copy

Quite a number of Superb Wrens, frolicking in the scrub and on the track, delighted us during the southerly transit of that end of the Lagoon after the break.

2023 09 15 Reg Pete DSC02301 Copy

The route then proceeded eastwards behind the War Veterans Village, past the memorial plaques, to Jameson Park and finally back past the multiple duck families populating the eastern shore of the “Inner” Lagoon.

The walk then crossed Pittwater Rd and proceeded along the south bank of the “Outer” Lagoon, crossing the Ocean St bridge to the much-needed lunch spot in the park there.

                   2023 09 15 Reg HelenA 1247 Lunch group Serious  2023 09 15 Reg HelenA 1248 Lunch group relaxed  2023 09 15 Reg HelenA 1249 Lunch duo overflow

                                   Lunch group serious                                  Lunch group relaxed                                               Lunch duo overflow

The final leg was a short walk back past the Narrabeen Caravan & Camping Park to the cars and the coffee shop, where the high spirits confirmed that everyone had had a good day on the track in great weather.

    2023 09 15 Reg Don Wo multitude of swans  2023 09 15 Reg Pete DSC02305 Copy                                       Multitude of swans                                                                                                                   Multitude of cormorants

                              2023 09 15 Reg Pete DSC02314 Copy   2023 09 15 Reg Pete DSC02315 Copy

The walkers were: Michael & Peter R (Leaders), Annette & David, Bella, Christine McA, Christine S, Diana, Don Wo, Elaine, Elizabeth, Frances, Helen A, Howard & Margaret, John d’C, Kurt, Lyn & Wendy P plus second-time visitors Colleen J & Eva.  

Thanks to Peter for helping to lead at such short notice, to Christine as First Aider & to Don Wo as Tail-Ender.

Photos: Don Wo (3, 12), Helen A (1,4,5,9,10,11), Pete (2,6,7,8,13,14,15)