Despite an overcast morning thirteen members gathered at Summer Hill station for this walk.
During the pre-walk briefing a light shower started so we kitted ourselves out with jackets and umbrellas before setting off along Grosvenor Road towards Hawthorne Canal.
Several rain showers during the day did not dampen our spirits.

Upon reaching the canal path (called The Greenway) Colleen outlined some of the local history, noting that there were once grand ideas for Sydney to have a network of European-style navigable canals.
However, a ferry service on Hawthorne Canal ran for only two years before failing due to competition from other modes of transport and siltation of the waterway.

We strolled along the well-kept path admiring tall trees, shrubby understorey, and sweet groundcovers.
The Greenway has a focus on Australian native plants with several sections of the green corridor being maintained by local Bushcare teams.

Two works of art along the path required closer inspection – the mosaic-lined pedestrian tunnel near Lords Road, Leichhardt, and a metal sculpture called “TreeCycle” near Blackmore Oval.

2023 10 27 EZY Lyndy 102800 near the mosaic tunnel2023 10 27 EZY Lyndy 103000 facing the mosaic tunnel2023 10 27 EZY Colleen 103118 hawthorne canal mosaic 1                                                                                                                                           On the Greenway path and the tunnel arch and mosaics.

2023 10 27 EZY Lyndy 103500 along path to start of greenway2023 10 27 EZY Lyndy 104100 ready to cross2023 10 27 EZY Colleen 105712 morning tea
                                The Greenway                                                                 Ready to cross Lords Road                                                                       Morning Tea


Lunch was enjoyed at Callan Point with views of Parramatta River and Iron Cove Bridge, together with historic buildings and rock carvings. Curious magpies kept us company.

2023 10 27 EZY Colleen 113237 tree cycle near blackmore oval2023 10 27 EZY Colleen 121543 lunch callan park2023 10 27 EZY Colleen 123822 iron cove bridge views
                  'Tree cycle near Blackmore Oval'                                                'Lunch at Callan Point with views of the Parramatta River and Iron Cove Bridge'


2023 10 27 EZY Colleen 135601 coffee at tramsheds

After lunch a heavier shower made us huddle under a large tree.
Once the weather cleared, we walked 2km back to Leichhardt North station.
A short trip by light rail brought us to the Tramsheds for coffee and companiable discussion.




Leaders: Phyllis & Colleen:
Tailender: Keith H;
First aiders: Anne G & Lyndy

Walkers: Habi, Nick B, Gabriella, Ann D, Judy, Elizabeth, David R, Dennis. 

Words: Phyllis & Colleen
Photos: Lyndy 1,2,4,5; Colleen 3,6,7,8,9,10.