2023 0 27 Regular David S PXL 20231026 230817565
                                                                                                          Two words best describe today’s walk: ‘wet’ and ‘wonderful’.

    2023 10 27 Regular Don Wo briefing               2023 10 27 Regular David S Off we go PXL 20231026 224940484           
                                                    The Briefing                                                                                                                                        Off we go
From Banksia Picnic Area twelve hardy walkers set off in light rain along the well maintained Ridge to Rainforest Track, descending through beautiful rain forest glades to the first creek crossing of the walk, near the Stoney Creek car park.

         2023 10 27 Regular Don Wo trackside birdsnest fern                         2023 10 27 Regular Don Wo miserable morning tea stop and leech check
                           Trackside birdsnest fern                                                                                           Miserable morning tea stop and leech check

We stopped to have morning tea a short distance from here at the second creek crossing where some in the group also carried out a leech eradication inspection. After morning tea we crossed the creek and headed for the Arboretum Trail, crossing the creek again on a somewhat springy suspension bridge. 

          2023 10 27 Regular Don Wo second crossing                                    2023 10 27 Regular David S PXL 20231027 002142175
                                         The second crossing                                                                                                                             One at a time

2023 10 27 Regular Don Wo sign almost as old as the plants
Strickland State Forest was the first government forest nursery (1886) and first forestry training school (1920). The huge remnant trees from the period, that can be seen along the arboretum trail, are amongst the oldest in Australia.

  2023 10 27 Regular Don Wo couple of decent tallowwoods                                                                                                     A couple of decent Tallowwoods

   2023 10 27 Regular Don Wo bunya trunk                2023 10 27 Regular Don Wo cabbage palm trunk detail              2023 10 27 Regular Don Wo How did this happen
                              Bunya trunk                                                                         Cabbage Tree trunk                                                      How did this happen?

At the end of the arboretum loop we branched off and did the Bellbird Trail before crossing back over the creek to the morning tea spot, from here we headed up the Stoney Creek Trail, deciding along the way there were no suitably dry lunch spots and so returning to the Banksia Picnic Area shelter for lunch.

     2023 10 27 Regular Don Wo third crossing         2023 10 27 Regular Don Wo a u turn in the track
.                                                          The third crossing

2023 10 27 Regular Rick Lunch DSCF0430er                                                                                                    Lunch under the shelter

After lunch a small group elected to do the Cabbage Tree Trail before catching up with the others for coffee at Penang Gardens. 

     2023 10 27 Regular Rick elevation 231027 marked        2023 10 27 Regular Rick whole route marked 231027er

Thanks to all who participated and to first aider and tail ender, Rick and David S respectively.    

Walkers: Elaine, Dawn, Bill M, Janet, Bert, John S, David and Therese, Lyn, Don Wo. 

Walk Leaders: Tim and Rick

Photography: David S (1, 3 & 7), Rick (15), Don Wo (2, 4, 5, 6, 8 to 14 inclusive)

Elevation and Map: Rick 

Words: Tim