Jul-Nov 2021


Thirteen walkers enjoyed excellent weather and lots of chatting for our 11 km return walk from Duffys forest out to the lookout past Mt Murray Anderson. It was so nice to walk in a group again.

Not far from the start, we were all keen to see if the 100m run of Waratahs were still out but alas we were too late or they had not flourished this year. Next year around September then! We soon found the almost hidden exit from the Perimeter trail out to the ridge. The lovely fresh, vibrant bush was a pleasure to stroll through, offering such a diverse range of species and some great flowers.
2021 10 22 Plus SueS 20211022 165019

2021 10 22 Plus SueS 20211022 1635222021 10 22 Plus SueS 20211022 170840

 Pink spider flower, grevillea sericea                                                       Mitrasacme, Mitrasacme polymorpha                                     Conospermum, Conospermum longifolium

2021 10 22 Plus SueS 20211022 165929       2021 10 22 Plus SueS 20211022 164303 resized2021 10 22 Plus NickS IMG 0905b

                Philotheca, Philotheca salsolifolia                                               Purple Dampiera, Dampiera purpurea                                                    Flannel Flower, Actinotus helianthi

 We soon stopped at Arthur Trig which is nowadays outgrown but interesting to see nonetheless.

2021 10 22 Plus SueS 20211022 093403 resized2021 10 22 Plus SueS 20211022 181329 resized

Part way across a valley along the ridge, we stopped for morning tea with views of the Wilkins ridge to our east and a distant view of Smith’s Creek to our north.

2021 10 22 Plus SueS 20211022 112155 resized2021 10 22 Plus NickS IMG 0909 1


Climbing out of that valley we soon came to large expanses of sandstone outcrops on the west side of Mt Murray Anderson. Here we spent time exploring the first large set of Aboriginal rock engraving.

2021 10 22 Plus WendyC DSC00247

                      Interesting water channels on the rock shelves

2021 10 22 Plus Hazel IMG 11722021 10 22 Plus SueS 20211022 105825 resized












 Trying to indentify the engravings

Mount Murray Anderson may have been a sacred area for the Darramuragal Aboriginal people, for it has thirteen Aboriginal engraving sites scattered across many large rock platforms. The sites include stone arrangements, as well as multiple deity figures.

With notes, diagrams and photos in hand, we were able to identify much of this ancient art including “two men”, “shields” and “a wallaby or kangaroo”.


2021 10 22 Plus Hazel IMG 1169 1

2021 10 22 Plus NickS IMG 0903 1









 Continuing along more sandstone outcrops we soon came to a large east facing slab that contained what was described as two deities, one large and one smaller. It was interesting tracing the outlines using the diagrams and photos. “The larger of the two deities is twelve feet in height, and has an oval protuberance from his head (which may be an ornament).”

Climbing the last minor rise, we soon came to our lunch spot, with the end of this high ridge below us. This lookout offered clear, expansive views from Stingray Bay to our west, Cowan Water to our north and Smith’s creek to our east. Lots of photos were taken.

2021 10 22 Plus PeterT View 3

 2021 10 22 Plus WendyC DSC00254

2021 10 22 PlusWalk Deidre Lunch 1125492021 10 22 Plus Hazel IMG 1171 1













 After an enjoyable lunch in shade we set off, meeting a group of 15 NPA walkers on their way out to the point.

Retracing our steps we were soon back at our cars. Most enjoyed a coffee in the park opposite the Terry Hills shops. 

Thanks to all that attended this very nice Plus walk.

2021 10 22 Plus PeterT Red bark 12021 10 22 Plus PeterT Scribble 1












Photos by Sue S (1-5, 7-9, 13), Hazel (12, 14, 19), Peter T (16, 20, 21), Deidre (18), Wendy (11, 17) and Nick S (6, 10, 15).

Leaders: Peter T & Jenny C

Words by Peter T.

Walkers: Peter T, Jenny C, Deidre, Sue S, Barbara R, Bert, Kas, Hazel, Wendy C, Vreni, Steve, Nick S, Susan C.

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