Jan-Jun 2021

On the first day of the 2021 program, fourteen members sensibly disregarded a weather forecast of intermittent rain and drove to Brooklyn Park for the start of the EZY walk.


After inspecting the WW1 Memorial, we followed the Mangrove Boardwalk through the riverbank mangroves.

2021_02_19-EZY-HelenA-0943-mangroves.jpg    2021_02_19-EZY-HelenA-0945_mangroves2.jpg

 Lindy explains how essential mangroves are to the ecosystem                                                     mangroves

Following morning tea we drove to McKell Park and completed an anti-clockwise circuit along Dangar Road to the railway, George Street, Parsley Bay, Flat Rock Point

2021 02 19 EZY HelenA 1040 Riverboat

Along the way we stopped at the Ferry Public Wharf; the River Postman Wharf; the memorial to victims of the 1944 bus and train crash


Nick relates the story of the fatal 1944 collision between a train and a bus-17 local people killed.

 the Gov Arthur Phillip’s obelisk; the sheltered tables and benches on the shores of Parsley Bay (along with some local seagulls and pelicans) and Federation Park opposite the tidal swimming pool.

2021_02_19-EZY-HelenA-1117-seagulls.jpg    2021_02_19-EZY-HelenA-1118-pelicans.jpg 2021_02_19-EZY-Robyn_M-pelican.jpg


and back to Dangar Road for lunch and coffee in the Marina complex


In a backyard viewed from George Street. Advertising doggerel for
patented steel pens sold by MacNiven & Cameron of Edinburgh Scotland

A fascinating day. Thank you to the Walks Sub-committee for programming this ideal walk.


Tim gives a history of the Dangar Family in NSW

Leaders: Helen A, Nick B and recce third-man Don B.
Other walkers: Aileen, Sue and Andy, Lyndy, Lydia, Tim, John M, Rex and Robyn, Elizabeth P and Dennis.
Thanks to Don, tail-end-Charlie; Lyndy, first aider.

Photographers:  Helen A, 1-7,9,10  Robyn M, 8

Words:  Helen A


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