Jan-Jun 2021


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      Twenty eager walkers met by Narrabeen Lake on a perfect day to showcase this spectacular walk.  We travelled by bus to Bilgola, fortunately all fitting on one bus (  maximum number 27), navigated a slightly tricky road crossing, and we were underway.
The walk consists of a series of beaches and headlands, involving many steps, and some quite steep sections.  Some felt the guide of 150m ascent and descent was quite misleading.
Morning tea was at Bungan Beach, lunch at Warriwood.  By lunchtime, the temperature had risen considerably.  The spot where we had lunched on the recce was very exposed and hot, but there was little alternative.  Some found shelter sitting on concrete at the surf club, so we’re ready for an early resumption of the walk.
General feeling was that it was a great walk, but a bit testing on the hot day.  The length was possibly more like 10k than 9k.
Coffee and cold drinks were very welcome at the coffee shop where the cars were parked.

Elaine and Drina were joined by Don B., David C., Tim, Annette Ell., Michael, Vivienne, Anne G., Rosie, Lyndy, Chris McA., Robyn M., Lydia, John M., Elizabeth, Wendy P., Pauline, Don Wa., and a first time walker Keith.                      Lyndy and Chris McA acted as first aiders, and Don B. performed superbly as usual as tailender.

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                                                    Leaders Drina and Elaine

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A hang glider guides the way

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Architecture old and new along the way

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Photography: Chris McA: Images 1, 2, 3, 5, 7 and 8.   Lindy: Image 4.   Tim: Image 6
Words: Elaine


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