Jan-Jun 2021

2021 03 05 PlusWalk BarbaraC WestHeadLookout 085936

The promise of fine weather enticed nine chatty walkers out to West Head for a walk amended due to track closure. We started by heading to the West Head lookout via Red Hands Cave, spotting a wallaby on the way.                                                   
                               2021 03 05 PlusWalk Hazel WendyCpPreWalkBriefing P1180155                                                                            Wendy C delivering the pre walk briefing
2021 03 05 PlusWalk SueS TracktoRedHandsCave 083557 resized 2
                                       Track to Red Hands Cave                                                                                                                                             Where's Wall(ab)y?
2021 03 05 PlusWalk Hazel RedHandAboriginalRockArtP1180165 2021 03 05 PlusWalk Hazel RedHandsCaveP1180166                                                                            Red Hands Cave                                                                                                                                    Red Hand  -  Aboriginal Rock Art                   
After taking in the view of where many walker had been the previous Friday, we followed the coast through some lovely forest, passing some secluded beaches and an old (WWII?) lookout post Great Mackerel Beach where we had morning tea and an encounter with a spider which had travelled on a hat.
2021 03 05 PlusWalk Hazel WalkersatWestHeadLookoutP1180180

2021 03 05 PlusWalk Deidre ViewfromWestHead 090034 3
                                                                                             Wonderful views from West Head Lookout ....the walkers are obviously enjoying the views too!2021 03 05 PlusWalk SueS WW11GunEmplacement092202 resized 22021 03 05 PlusWalk SueS ResoluteBeach                                                                  Serene Resolute Beach with view out to Barrenjoey Peninsular and Lighthouse
                                                                                                                                                          WW11 Gun Emplacement on the track to Great Mackerel Beach.  Is that Hazel on the lookout!                                                                                                                                             2021 03 05 PlusWalk Deidre MorningTeaMackeralBeach 101021                                                               Track to Great Mackerel Beach                                                   Hitch hiker found on Wendy C's hat!!!                                  A relaxing morning tea                                     

 The return trip took us up a lot of steps to a board fire trail. We stopped to look at some aboriginal engravings on a rock platform, and back at the car park we found a man with a bag full of aboriginal artefacts (both new and old) who was very happy to have a chat.                                                                      2021 03 05 PlusWalk SueS InterpretiveSign 123907 resized 2
                            Interpretive sign with descriptions                                                                                                         Rock platform where the Aboriginal Art was located
2021 03 05 PlusWalk BarbaraC AboriginalRockCarvingSiteLookingOverPittwater 111310                                                                                 Aboriginal Rock Carving Site  -  looking over Pittwater and onto Barrenjoey Peninsular
2021 03 05 PlusWalk Hazel AboriginalEngraving P1180274                                                                      Aboriginal engraving of a male human figure without a neck as well as possibly a spherical-headed club
                                    2021 03 05 plusWalk SueS AbagofBoomerangs 112948 resized 2                                                                                                                 A bag of Boomerangs
              2021 03 05 PlusWalk Deidre BusinessCard 082915 2
                                                                                                                                                                                                            Friendly owner/maker of Indigenous Artefacts
Painting in the Red Hand Cave.....we learnt that a right hand is male and a left is female and where there is some arm it is from an older person. Maybe something of interest for HVB? (Ed)
....and from Indigenous Rock Art to Nature's Art
      2021 03 05 PlusWalk Hazel Sundew P1180258 2021 03 05 PlusWalk BarbaraC Fuschiaheath 133427  2021 03 05 PlusWalk SueS GreySpiderFlower 115104 resized  2021 03 05 PlusWalk SueSLobeliaDentata 104744 resized  2021 03 05 PlusWalk SueS NSWCoralHeath 115124 resized                                                           (1)                                                 (2)                                      (3)                                                  (4)                                                   (5)
2021 03 05 PlusWalk SueS largeleafbushpea 115616 resized  2021 03 05 PlusWalk BarbaraC Darwiniafasicularis 103202   2021 03 05 PlusWalkSueS LesserFlannelFlower 115405  2021 03 05 PlusWalk Hazel FringedViolet P1180266  2021 03 05 PlusWalk SueS NaturesArtScribblyGum 115315 resized 2
                              (6)                                          (7)                                            (8)                                                      (9)                                                          (10)
(1)  Sundew Drosera spathulata  (2)  Fuschia heath Epacris longiflora  (3)  Grey Spider Flower Grevillea buxifolia  (4)  Lobelia Lobelia dentata  (5)  NSW Coral Heath Epacris pulchella
(6)  Large Leaf Bush Pea Pultenaea daphnoides  (7)  Darwinia fasicularis  (8)  Lesser Flannel Flower Actinotus minor  (9)  Fringed Violet or Lily Thysanotus tuberosus
(10)  Scribbly Gum Eucalyptus haemastoma  These zig-zag tracks or 'scribbles' are made by the moth grub as it tunnels between the old and the new bark.  How many shapes can you make out of these scribbles?  (Sue S)
We then drove to the beginning of the Salvation Loop and headed out on the Wallaroo Track, through some lovely forest and taking in glimpses of forested hills rolling away into the distance. Lunch was on a rock platform with views over Cowan Creek. The clouds had rolled in for this second walk, but the rain held off as we retraced our steps to the cars.

The clouds had rolled in for this second walk, but the rain held off as we retraced our steps to the cars. Coffee was enjoyed in the park at Terrey Hills.

Wendy C and Hazel led Barbara C, Polly, Celia, Kas, Steve, Deidre and Sue S  -  First Aider:  Polly  Tail End Charlie:  Deidre

Words by Wendy C

Photos by Barbara C (1, 18, 24, 29), Hazel (2, 5, 6, 8, 19, 23, 31), Wendy C (3, 7, 12-14, 17, 21, 33, 34), Sue S (4, 10, 11, 16, 20, 25-28, 30, 32),
Deidre (9, 15, 22)  All flower identification by photographers

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