Jan-Jun 2021


 2021 6 11 Plus walk Hazel view north from dee why P1190077                                                                                                                          The view north from Dee Why                  

This walk is a reminder of why bushwalking around Sydney is so fantastic. Beaches of golden sand and rolling waves, rock platforms and craggy cliffs, and pockets of bush, all within easy reach.

 The soft sand on Narrabeen Beach was born with fortitude, and finally avoided with a bit of road walking when it got too much. The other beaches were mercifully firm under foot. The sand bar at the mouth of the Dee Why Lagoon had been breached and the water running deep, necessitating a detour.

      2021 6 11 Plus walk Hazel beach erosion                                                                                                                 Difficult walking on eroded beach                                                                   Wrong footwear for stream crossing!

        2021 6 11 Plus walk Hazel Knitting girl P1190043                                                                                                           Memorial to Knitting Girls in WW1 at Collaroy                                                              Fishermans Beach, Collaroy

  2021 6 11 Plus walk Hazel 3D map at long reef   2021 6 11 Plus walk Hazel Pacific view   2021 6 11 Plus walk Hazel long reef dee why beaches P1190055                             At Long Reef Headland - an interesting map,         ....a morning tea groul enjoying the sun,                                   .....and the spectacular view to the south. 


One unusual sight was a seal resting on the grass above Dee Why Beach, cordoned off by police tape.

              2021 6 11 Plus walk Hazel walking not prohibited P1190064      2021 6 11 Plus walk Hazel special sign for the wildlife P1190069      2021 6 11 Plus walk Hazel the wildlife P1190072                                                                                             Many things are prohibited, but not walking by people or resting by fur seals

                                                                                                                                                                                              Gentle walking behind the beach....                                          ..... and occasional glimpses of a jagged coastline.


                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                       And a lunch spot with a view, at Freshwater Beach.

The kilometres melted away as we walked and talked in the winter sunshine. After a bus back to the start, coffee was enjoyed at Narrabeen Lakes.


Wendy C and Steve lead Martin (tail end), Celia, John M, Hazel, Pragati and Kurt (first aid)

Words: Wendy C

Photos: Wendy C (3,5,12,13,14); Hazel (1,2,4,6,7,8,9,10,11)

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